A Triple Bottom Line Company

Truckin’ Movers is a triple-bottom line company — meaning that we measure our success by our ability to balance over time on the three points of financial, social and environmental performance. In other words, our business approach tends not only profit, but also to people and the planet.

Our Professional Movers Are Like Family

TMcrew2011We discovered long ago that you get what you give — and that the best way to give our customers high quality moves is to employee a high quality staff. We take great care of our Raleigh-Durham employees, so they take great care of you! We are very selective about who we hire and each of our professional movers is thoroughly trained.

We offer our full service moving company employees paid vacations and holidays and we provide great health, dental, life and disability coverage. Our movers are covered even if they get hurt at home! Our commitment to fair wages and benefits means that our movers stay with us, gaining years of experience. Some of our professional movers have been with us for over a decade and many father-son, brother-brother or other family teams are employed.

A unique, damage-free, bonus system also works to incentivize great customer care. Our movers earn a 10% bonus whenever a move is 100% damage-free from load to unload in our moving trucks. They earn another 10% based on overall customer satisfaction as determined by a post-move Goodwill Survey.

Our Bio-diesel Move Trucks Make People Smile

Biofuel Move TrucksWe also believe in caring for the planet we all call home. You may have seen one of our fleet of bio-diesel move trucks with their distinctive boot truckin’ on down the road. Our Durham, NC headquarters is solar powered, including a solar-powered bio-diesel pump, and our storage warehouse uses green design rather than energy to provide excellent climate control. Being environmentally conscious has been part of our business fabric since we opened our doors in 1976 and moving with a lower carbon footprint doesn’t cost our customers a dime more.