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Biodiesel Truck

bio·die·sel [ˈbī-ō -ˈdē-zəl] truck [ˈtrək]

Definition: A wheeled vehicle for moving heavy articles that is powered by bio-degradable, non-toxic fuel derived locally from plants that contain oilseed, such as sunflowers or canola and carrying a 1:5 ratio of production energy to output energy relative to bioethanol.

A biodiesel truck is a happy truck: biodiesel has greater lubricity than regular diesel fuel and also acts as a solvent, reducing engine build-up.

Bubble Wrap

bub·ble [buhb-uhl] wrap [rap]

Definition: a clear, bubble-filled plastic material used especially for cushioning breakable objects during shipment. Dancing across bubble wrap to pop its bubbles is a favored past-time of young and old alike.

The best part of unpacking from their recent damage-free move was the fun they had popping the bubble wrap used to protect their belongings.

Commercial Move

com·mer·cial move [kuh-mur-shuh moov]

Definition: A move performed for a business, company or industry. Also called an "office goods move." Commercial moves within North Carolina are not regulated.

Using a mover who has bio-diesel move trucks on your next commercial move could help you green your company's supply chain.

Complete Possession Accouting

Com·plete [kəmˈplēt] Pos·ses·sion [pəˈzeSHən] Ac·count·ing [əˈkoun(t)iNG]

Definition: Data gathering by move consultants that begins at the initial on-site estimate and includes not only an inventory of belongings to be moved, but also details on the unique needs of the move customer.

Always ask your professional mover to conduct a complete possession accounting that includes items to be moved, items not to be moved and your preferences for the move.

Cube Loading

cube load·ing [kyo͞ob lōdiNG]

Definition: a space-saving, damage-prevention methodology for loading boxes, furniture and other belongings into a move truck trailer. The approach mimics Lego constructions, with a solid structure being built "brick by brick."

Cube Loading of each move presents our move crews with a unique and challenging puzzle: they safely load the move truck while minimizing the linear square footage used.


dead·head·ing [ˈded-ˌhed -ing]

Definition: the practice of driving empty move trucks long distances.

ruckin’ Movers has pioneered express moving, a green moving approach designed to minimize deadheading by optimizing the efficiency of fuel-burning miles, thereby reducing overall greenhouse emissions.

Household Move

house·hold move [hous-hohld moov]

Definition: A move performed for an individual or family involving the movement and shipping of furniture and belongings found in a typical home. Federal and state governments regulate household moves.

Mr. Smith got a job in Florida, so the family began to pack their furniture and belongings to send on the move trucks as part of their upcoming household move from North Carolina.


hump·ing [həmp ing]

Definition: carrying move boxes and household belongings on your back. As demonstrated in the picture, this highly advanced move technique utilizes proper body mechanics, limits wear and tear on our movers' physical bodies and helps us a achieve a damage free move by providing our professional movers with a clear sight line.

At Truckin' Movers, all of our move staff are trained in the art of humping.

International Move

in·ter·na·tion·al move [in-ter-nash-uh-nl moov]

Definition: A move in which the origin site and destination site are located in different countries.

Many international students return to their country of origin after earning their Ph.D. at Duke University and hire Truckin' Movers to handle their international move.

Interstate Move

in·ter·state move [in-ter-steyt moov]

Definition: A move in which the origin site and destination site are located in different states.

When professionals relocate for work up and down the Eastern seaboard, they often hire Truckin' Movers for their interstate move from North Carolina to Connecticut.


in·ven·to·ry [ˈinvənˌtôrē]

Definition: A detailed, descriptive and complete list of the items in the shipment and their condition before the moving van is loaded.

Truckin’ Movers conducts an inventory of household goods and belongings to be moved multiple times throughout the move process, from the initial move estimate to the unload.

Local Move

lo·cal move [loh-kuhl moov]

Definition: A move in which the origin site is within thirty-five miles of the destination site.

She hired movers for her local move from Chapel Hill, NC to Durham, NC.


mov·er [moo-ver]

1. A person or thing that moves.

2. Often, movers: a person or company whose business is the moving of household effects or office equipment from one location to another.

3. A powerful and influential person, as in politics or business.

4. A person who is energetic and ambitious; go-getter.


5. Movers and Shakers, Informal: powerful and influential people, as in politics and business.

For moves across the street or across the globe, call Truckin' Movers, professional movers since 1976.

North Carolina Long Distance Move

north Car·o·li·na long dis·tance move [nawrth kar-uh-lahy-nuh lawng dis-tuh ns moov]

Definition: A move in which the origin and destination sites are both in North Carolina, but are situated more than thirty-five miles apart.

He hired movers for his North Carolina long distance move from Raleigh, NC to Asheville, NC.

Speed Moving

speed mov·ing [spēd mo͞oviNG]

Definition: an expedited move process typically employed in local moves in which a move company uses two move trucks and two move teams -- one each at the origin site and destination site. With double the resources, a move can be completed in half the time. For local moves, billed by the hour, this can be a cost effective approach.

In 1988, Truckin' Movers won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in South Korea for their record-breaking time in the Speed Moving event.

Zippy Crate

zip·py [zip-ee] crate [kreyt]

Definition: a wire cage or sleeve that goes in a trailer to contain shipping contents. Not to be confused with Zippy Cages out of Norman, OK.

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-A, they secured the family’s furniture and belongings in the trailer with a zippy crate.


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