Green Moving & Storage for Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill NC

Truckin’ Movers, based in the Research Triangle Park Area – Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina – is proud to be a leader in green storage and moving services. We combine green technologies with innovative green approaches to offer you green moving and green storage services that reduce your carbon footprint. With Truckin’ Movers, going green doesn’t cost you more!

It’s Easy Being Green with Truckin’ Movers’ Green Moving Services

Our biodiesel moving trucks are the foundation of our green moving services. Biodiesel burns much cleaner than regular diesel, contains no sulfur, and is nearly carbon neutral. We have an in-house fueling station that is solar powered to reduce energy consumption as it provides the electricity required to pump fuel into our trucks.

An Industry Pioneer in Green Moving Partnerships

Truckin’ Movers has pioneered express moving, a green moving approach designed to minimize deadheading – driving empty trucks long distances. As container moving experts, we are able to take advantage of our highly-developed network of partnerships with other carriers to significantly increase efficiency in long distance moving.

Our green moving partner carriers provide semi-trailers for our moves, but only charge for the amount of space used. By optimizing the efficiency of fuel-burning miles, Truckin’ Movers helps to reduce overall greenhouse emissions.

Our Green Storage Warehouse is a Model of Efficient Conservation

Truckin’ Movers is also a pioneer in green storage. Our state-of-the-art green storage warehouse boasts a green design that maintains an ideal climate all year, without the need for additional heating and cooling. This “off-the-grid” climate-controlled green storage warehouse is particularly suited for fine art storage and antique furniture storage. We have been storing furniture in our warehouse since 1983 – with some items in the building upwards of fifteen years with no climate damage!

More than Green Moving and Green Storage

Truckin’ Movers is an active recycler. All of our packing supplies are reused and recycled. This means that we can offer boxes at a very low rate and we’ll also buy back your used boxes after your move! We provide a recycling center for our employees, and our office staff recycles everything from old file folders to computer equipment.

Since our opening in 1976, we have committed to a business model that incorporates green technologies and approaches. Contact Truckin’ Movers at 919-682-2300 or via email to receive a free, no obligation green moving quote today!