Truckin’ Movers Brings Green Moving to Chapel Hill, NC

Want a moving company that not only provides professional service, but eco-friendly moving options in Chapel Hill, NC? Truckin’ Movers can do both! We’re your local, dependable moving company that strives to incorporate green, environmentally friendly practices into our daily operations. That means we’re committed to serving you and providing you with a quality moving experience, while keeping environmental health and safety a priority.

Eco-Friendly Moving Options & Superior Value in Chapel Hill, NC

Taking extra measures to care for the environment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice more out of pocket – being green has been a part of our business model for over 35 years, and we have learned how to work green while offering top-notch moving services at an exceptional value. Truckin’ Movers features the following technologies and approaches for a complete green moving experience in Chapel Hill, NC:

  • Biodiesel clean-burning moving trucks;
  • Solar powered on-site fueling station;
  • Efficient long-distance moving options that optimize fuel usage;
  • A green-designed storage warehouse which offers an “off-the-grid” ideal storage climate;
  • Recycling during moving and in everyday company practices.

Biodiesel is better for the environment because it’s made from renewable resources and has lower emissions compared to diesel. It’s made in the US from renewable resources, so it decreases the dependence on foreign oil and benefits our economy. And we even have our own fueling station that’s powered by solar technology to cut energy use, while it provides the energy needed to fuel our moving trucks.

Better for the Environment, Better for You in Chapel Hill, NC

At Truckin’ Movers, we’ve championed “express moving,” a green moving approach designed to minimize the need to drive empty moving trucks long distances. As moving experts in the region for over three decades, we’ve developed relationships with other carriers to make long-distance moving more efficient.

Truckin’ Movers offers recycled packing supplies, as well as reused moving boxes at lower costs. We’ll also buy back your used boxes and reuse them for future moves. By providing a recycling center for our employees and encouraging our office staff to recycle office supplies and materials, we live up to our commitment to being a complete green moving company in Chapel Hill, NC.

Contact the Eco-Friendly Movers

Let Truckin’ Movers show you how to move “green” and contribute to a lower carbon footprint in Chapel Hill, NC. Contact us today at 919-682-2300!

We provide our professional moving services to customers the following areas: Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and the surrounding locations in the Triangle.