Meeting New Friends after a Household Move

handshake-550x364The professional movers have left, the boxes are unpacked, and as the dust settles in your new home you begin to think: “Gee, it’s awfully quiet around here.”  This may be a sign that you haven’t had a chance to meet new friends yet — and also a sign that you don’t have any kids because if you did, your house would be anything but quiet.  Whether you have a house full of kiddos or not, making friends after a relocation can go a long way to helping you settle into your new community.  But how does an adult make new friends?  We recommend giving these approaches a try:

Sign up for a class:  Have you always wanted to paint, speak Spanish, or learn how to fix your car?  Now’s the time to sign up for a class to learn how.  Take a look at the local community center, arts center, or college nearby.  While you are learning something new, you can meet others with at least one thing in common, you are interested in taking the same class.  That’s a good start.

Join a sports team: If you have the time and energy, playing a sport is a great way to meet new people while having fun.  If being on a team seems like too big of a commitment, look for a meetup group that plays your sport.  Many groups offer pick-up games that provide all of the fun and social opportunity of playing a sport without as much commitment.

Have a yard sale: While you were unpacking your boxes, how many times did you think “Why did I keep this, I really don’t need it.”  If you have enough items that you moved and are now wishing you hadn’t, that’s a good excuse to have a yard sale.   Your friendly neighbors may take your sale as an easy opportunity to meet their new neighbors.

Reach out to old friends for connections: One of the best ways to find new people you click with is to find them from people you already click with.  Ask your old friends if they know anyone in your new area.  If you like to share on social media, let others know where you moved and ask if they have any connections there.  In addition to finding new friends, you may also reconnect with some long ago friends who may now live near you.

Volunteer: Find a local organization whose work you would like to support.  Then volunteer to help them in a way that you will enjoy.  You’ll be doing something meaningful, and will have a chance to meet other people who also chose to help this same organization.

Connect at work: If you are working outside of the home, take the opportunity to meet new people at work.  Ask an interesting coworker out to lunch, hang around in the employee lounge, and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to others.  Most people who have moved before will understand and appreciate how hard it is to start over, and will be kind in including you in office socializing.

Have an open mind: Sure, it’s nice to have some things in common with your friends, but don’t be so set on meeting people just like yourself that you turn away good people just because of their differences.  Open your mind and heart to people with different perspectives, cultures, and viewpoints.  As long as both parties are able to accept differences respectfully, there’s no reason that you have to be “the same” to be friends.

Listen to the music, play: When all else fails, rock out to your favorite jams.  Music has a way of bringing like minds together and you never know when your tunes might have strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand.

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Let’s Play Vote!

Get thee to the polls!  Today is election day in Durham County (click here for a sample ballot).  In that spirit, we share a guest post from our friend at 

I grew up in a great little neighborhood in a sweet little town in Central NJ.  On my block alone there were four other families with girls my age.  We were free to roam back in those days, every afternoon after school and all day Saturday.

We’d ride our bikes or roller skate.  We’d play Kick the Can or spook each other at dusk with a game of Walk Around the House.  In the winter we built snow forts or tried to roll the world’s largest snowball.  On rainy days we favored Detective Agency.  Sometimes we even succumbed to Barbies.

But no game stands out clearer for me than the one we played every day: Vote.

See, the girls three doors down had this huge rolling chalkboard in their bedroom and one day when we were fighting over what to play someone said, “Why don’t we vote on it?”

Sounded good.  Fun even.  The biggest kids who could write took turns scribing the choices we all called out and recording our votes.  But the best part was being in the citizenry and having a chance to call out what I wanted to play.

Sure I didn’t always get what I wanted.  There were partisan groups that formed and it would seem like weeks and weeks of Charlie’s Angels when I wanted Little House, or roller skates when I wanted bikes.

And yes, some days playing Vote grew itself into such an intensive, all consuming experience that we were being called home for dinner before we’d had a chance to actually play the games we were voting on.

No matter.  What is important is that as kids we knew naturally that to be fair we should hold a vote, that we should each get a chance to weigh in on how we were going to spend our play time.

In today’s elections, I’m not really seeing many of my play choices on the chalkboard and I’m worn out from the excessive campaigns of the big kids.  But it still feels natural to show up.  A choice for the lesser of two evils may still be a choice for evil, but I’ll take a choice over no choice any day.

So whatever Kick the Can jail you’re finding yourself in today, listen up: “All-y all-y in come free!


© Jennifer S. and, 2012.

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Move Vocabulary: Green Moving and Storage


This post is part of the Truckin’ Movers Dictionary Project, in which we first post here some new, scintillating words from the moving industry — later to be archived for posterity.

Green Moving and Storage Company:  A moving company that utilizes environmentally friendly methods to reduce the carbon footprint of your moving and storage services.  Some green methods may include:

  • Express Moving: A green moving approach which takes advantage of a highly-developed network of partnerships with other carriers, allowing movers to share space as needed and avoid driving empty trucks long distances.
  • Solar Powered: Green movers utilize alternative methods of energy in many ways, including efficient temperature control systems for their storage services, as well as solar powered fuel pumps and office space.
  • Recycling: From recycling used moving boxes to providing recycling options on site to employees, green moving companies make it a priority to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.

If caring for our planet is important to you, consider finding a green moving company such as Truckin’ Movers for your next move.   We’ve been green for 40 years now, utilizing all of the methods mentioned above to do our part caring for our earth while we care for our customers.

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Where To Cash In Before A Household Move

moneyMoving is the perfect time to line your wallet and lighten your load.  Not only can you save time, money, and energy by having less to ship on the move truck, you’ll also score the pizza money every good move requires and perhaps quite a bit more.   Below are some useful outlets for selling your unwanted items before a move.

Craigslist:  Posting a listing on Craigslist is as easy as writing a description and uploading a picture.  There is no charge for most listings on this site.  Since Craigslist generally involves face to face purchases from people in your own area, it is especially useful when selling furniture and other large items that buyers would not want to pay to ship.

Ebay:  While originally known for its online auction, Ebay has evolved to include a variety of ways to sell, including traditional listings with set prices.  While just about anything can be sold on Ebay, items that ship affordably are your best bet.  Rare items including everything from vintage concert t-shirts to precious antiques to collectible toys tend to be hot items to sell via this website.

Facebook:  Search your Facebook account for local buy/sell/trade sites that allow you to sell items to people within your own community.  If you are an avid Facebook user, the ease and familiarity of using this format to buy and sell may be perfect for you.  If you live in or near the Great Bull City, check out The Durham County Online Yard Sale Group.

Thredup: Thredup, the world’s largest online thrift store, will not only buy your clothing, they will pay the shipping for you to send it to them.  Just order a shipping bag from their site, and send it full of clothing for them to review at no cost to you.  If they decide they want what you sent, they will either pay you upfront or consign your items.  But be warned, they are very selective.  They will only take brand name, current styles, in excellent condition.  Anything they don’t take won’t be returned to you unless you are willing to pay a fee to ship it back.  If you are ready to let go of some items that meet their standards, it may be worth a shot to get some extra cash rather than hauling them all to your new location.

Amazon:  When selling books and records, Amazon is a useful online site to use.  When you list an item, Amazon will let you know who else is selling the same items and for how much so that your pricing will be competitive.  There is no charge to list, but Amazon will charge a small fee when the item sells.  Since most movers charge by the weight of what is shipped, selling heavy books before the move is smart for your wallet and probably for your back too.

Play It Again Sports:  If your garage is cluttered with bikes, baseball bats and ice skates you no longer use, it may be time to take a trip to Play It Again Sports.  Located in most metropolitan areas, this national chain buys quality sporting goods and gear for cash on the spot.  Pack up your basketballs, tennis racket, and that surfboard you won’t be using once you move to Michigan, and make a stop at Play It Again Sports to trade in some of your used equipment for cash.

Consignment Stores:  Consignment stores exist for selling everything from kids and adult clothing to furniture and household goods.  Check your local listings, and give them a call to see what types of items they will take.  They will sort through your items and choose what is most sellable in their store.  Your items will remain for sale in their store for an agreed upon time, and they will pay you a percentage for any items that sells during that time.  Most will return your items if they don’t sell, but every store has its own policies so read your consignment agreement carefully to be sure you understand and agree to their consignment policy before you sell there.

Consignment Sales:   While most consignment sales involve selling children’s items, there are others popping up now selling women’s, men’s, household, and furniture.  These sales require the seller to enter items online and tag them to be put into a large sale usually lasting from 1-2 weeks.  If your items sell during the sale, you will receive a portion of the selling price.  Typically you can pick up any items that don’t sell at the end of the sale period.  Some advantages of choosing a consignment sale over a consignment store are a higher earning percentage for your merchandise and a quicker turnaround.  The down side, you will be required to enter your items, tag them, hang them, deliver them, and pick them up afterward.  You can expect to work harder for those extra dollars in your pocket.

Wherever you decide to sell your unwanted items, remember that the force is with you.   After all, one man gathers what another man spills . . . .

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Tips for Moving Your Business


Truckin’ Movers is a small, locally owned and operated business and we know first hand how many different hats each employee in a small business wears.  We applaud this do-it-yourself ethic, but when it’s time to relocate your business, we suggest that you leave the details — and the heavy lifting — to us.  Look for a company with experience in commercial moves, rather than one that focuses only on residential.  With the understanding that speed is essential when moving a business, many moving companies provide special services to maximize efficiency and minimize down time. With the right moving company, and the incorporation of some simple planning ahead tips, your business can move forward without ever looking back.

Double your moving muscle:  Hire a professional mover who has the capability to staff one team at your old office and another at your new office.  This will allow a team to be loading one truck simultaneously as another is unloading a second truck, thus doubling the speed at which your office belongings are moved — often called “rapid moving.”  Ask about commercial bins, dollies, and rolling shelf units to further speed things up.  Less down time means more billable hours.

Move during off hours:  To ensure the least interruption to your business, and to avoid the cost of paying employees for days when they are unable to work due to moving interruptions, ask your mover about the possibility of moving during an off-time, such as a weekend.

Get a move plan in writing: Work with your mover to arrange a detailed move plan in advance.  Should the server room be moved first so that I.T. can get going right away?  Should office furniture be next, followed by desk top machines?  A mover should provide written documentation of your agreement, for use not only by the move crews, but also by your staff.

Keep your employees in the loop:  Whether your move is for an exciting reason, such as expanding your space or purchasing one of your own, or just a necessity due to practical concerns, notify your employees as soon as possible about the upcoming move.  They will certainly appreciate being in the know when making important decisions such as where to buy or rent a home.   Once your timeline is worked out with your mover, share it with your staff along with a task list (i.e. clear off and pack up your desk belongings in a box with your employee number on it by a certain date). 

Use extra care in moving computers and other valuable equipment.  First, remember to back up all digital data prior to your move.  Second, use quality packing materials to make sure your equipment is well protected.  Before you disassemble any computers or other equipment, take a picture and clearly label it to remember how it is set up.  Be sure to put your chords into a ziploc bag clearly labeled with the computer info and number so that there will be no confusion when matching computers and wiring after the move.

Donate items you won’t need at the new location:  Moving is a great time to clean out your desk and office.  Assess your needs for the new location, and decide what is worth moving and what is best donated.  You won’t want to pay to move items that you won’t need, and the donation may provide your business with a valuable tax deduction as well.  We especially encourage the recycling of old electronics.

Create new marketing materials early: We know there are likely days you wish your customers couldn’t find you!  But in the end, we know you need them to follow you to your new location.  Get a jump start on creating new business cards, stationary, or brochures before the move — ideally delivered to your new address or shipped directly to your customers.

Update all contact information:  If you thought moving a home required a lot of change of addresses, you are in for a treat when moving a business.  Be sure all of your clients, your bank, all of your bills, and everyone else who will need to reach you has your new information.  Make a list long before you move of all of the people who will need to be notified of the move, and start early when you can.  Be sure to file a change of address with the post office to have mail forwarded to your new location.

Don’t forget to update your online profiles:  In addition to your own website (which should be the first to be updated and should in most cases include mention of the new location well before the move), don’t forget to also update your virtual shingles.  Many listing sites such as Google, Bing, and Yelp may contain information about your company that is beneficial to you in reaching customersCreate a list of sites where your information can be found, and set someone with the task of updating these sites immediately after the move.

Share your move on social media: Take pictures, videos, and involve your customers so that they can feel more invested in your business and want to support you in your new location.  The more they see it, the more likely they are to remember that you moved to a new location the next time they are looking for you to do business with.

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Why is Everyone Moving to North Carolina?

They’re coming intruck trucks, they’re coming in cars,
they’re coming from cities and towns from afar.   
They’re bringing their accents, their culture, their dogs,
their recipe for pizza that is better than ours . . . 

If you have lived in North Carolina for a while, especially somewhere near a city, then you have certainly noticed the migration of newcomers entering our state over the past decade.  The NC relocation rush is on. Last year, Fox News named North Carolina the fifth most popular state to move to.   We can’t say we’re surprised — our aching muscles and move load tallies have been telling this story for some time!  And who could blame them?  We think it’s obvious why so many folks are choosing to call North Carolina home.

The weather is perfect:  If you love the four seasons, but would prefer your summer to last longer than your winter, North Carolina is the place to be.  The winters get cold enough to drink hot cocoa and keep your fire burning.  We even get some occasional snow.  But like most cordial North Carolinians, winter doesn’t overstay its welcome.  Just a short visit and then it is on its merry way, making room for Spring flowers, Summer heat, and cool Autumn nights with a fall foliage like no other.

Lower cost of living:  While job opportunities are plentiful, the cost of living remains reasonably low, measuring below the national average.   Even in a large city such as Raleigh, affordable housing can still be found for under $1,000 dollars a month.  This lower cost of living combined with a reasonable median annual salary are the reasons that Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte are all ranked in the top 25 most affordable places to live in 2017 by U.S. News.

Great Food:  Whether you’re a fan of Barbeque, sweet tea, or biscuits, we’ve got it all.  Foodies must know, claims “no Southern road trip itinerary brings more pleasure than a west-to-east trek across North Carolina.”  From Asheville to Wilmington, and everywhere in between, newcomers will be delighted by the quality and variety of unique dishes to be served up in our delectable state.

Great Beer:  Since legislation known as “Pop the Cap” was passed in 2005 raising the alcohol limit on beer sold in the state from 6 percent to 15 percent, the craft brewing industry in North Carolina has exploded.  In cities and small towns throughout the state, craft breweries are popping up every day, serving some of the finest beer in a full range of styles. Our State Magazine has recently premiered a “BEER NC” app, an app featuring every brewery in the state, dedicated to helping you explore the growing craft beer scene in North Carolina.

The Mountains to the Sea:  From our majestic mountains to our pristine beaches, North Carolina is loaded with beautiful untouched landscapes.  With everything from mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and beaches, why choose when we have it all.

The People are Friendly: If you don’t believe us, just pay us a visit.  We’d love to have you come.  You’ll be sure to make some new friends in no time.  And if you should decide that you’d like to be among the many newcomers calling North Carolina their home, just give us a call.  We’d be happy to help you move here.

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Thanks for Making Truckin’ Movers a “Best of the Triangle” Finalist

IMG_2505 (1)

Aww, shucks.  As the award colors belie, we’re blushing.  A huge THANK YOU! to our customers for making Truckin’ Movers a 2017 Indy “Best of the Triangle” award finalist.

For 40 years we have been honored to serve the Triangle from our home base in Durham, NC with quality, stress-free moves. We have been blessed throughout those decades with clients beyond description and nothing could be more rewarding than being recognized by you.  We promise to keep on Truckin’ on for decades to come, with bells on our fingers and rings on our shoes!

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Moving Tunes: Volume II

coloridoAt Truckin’ Movers, we believe in the power of music.  As Robert Hunter proclaims: “Let there be songs to fill the air!”  Amen.  Today, tomorrow, every day.  But especially on move day.  Whether you are packing up boxes or driving down the highway following the professional movers to your new home, the right tunes can make or break your moving mood.  May we humbly suggest you load these classics to your MP3 player (or whatever the kids are using these days) to create your own moving soundtrack.

Staff Picks, Volume II

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia

Mississippi Uptown Toodleloo
Hello baby, I’m gone, goodbye
Half a cup of rock and rye
Farewell to you old southern sky
I’m on my way – on my way

If all you got to live for
is what you left behind
get yourself a powder charge
and seal that silver mine
I lost my boots in transit babe
A pile of smoking leather
Nailed a retread to my feet
and prayed for better weather”

Moving On Up by Ja’net Dubois and Jeff Barry

“Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie. “

Moving On by Bad Company

“I’m movin’ on, movin’ on from town to town
I’m movin’ on, little darlin’, I can’t seem to slow me down.”

Moving Out by Billy Joel

“It seems such a waste of time
If that’s what it’s all about
Mama if that’s movin’ up
Then I’m movin’ out”

© Truckin’ Movers Corporation and, 2017.


Summer Moves: Keeping it Cool

images (2)Summer’s here and the heat is on!  But the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up these days.  The moving industry is on fire during the summer months, with close to 50% of all moves taking place between May 1st and Labor Day.  If you are among those making your move during the heat of the summer, here are some helpful tips for keeping your cool.

1. Schedule your move early: During the summer moving season, the early bird definitely gets the worm. Also try to avoid Memorial Day weekend, the last weekend in July, and the beginning or ending of the summer months if you can, for these tend to be the busiest moving days of the year.   If you have the flexibility, plan your move during the week and in the middle of the month.

2. Stay hydrated:  Have plenty of ice and drinks on hand for moving day.  Even with a professional mover to do the heavy lifting, moving is strenuous in the heat, so don’t forget to take care of yourself.  And consider sharing some of those cool drinks with your movers: nothing says “I appreciate you!” like a cold drink on a hot Southern day.

3. Dress appropriately: Whatever you do, make sure your winter wardrobe isn’t all you leave off the move truck.  Wear lightweight and light color clothing to keep cool.  Add a hat to keep the sun off of your face, and be sure to remember the sunscreen.

4. Turn your power on: Set up your electricity to come on in your new home before you get there.  Unpacking is a big job, and will certainly be more enjoyable in a cool, well-lit home.

5. Some items don’t belong in the moving van: Keep any items that can’t handle the heat off of the moving van.  Kids crayons, candles, records, cd’s, videos and plants will travel better with you.  If you are unsure if you should pack them, err on the side of not melting to be safe!  Of course, a car can get hot too, so don’t pack these items until you are ready to go, and don’t let them sit in the car once you arrive.  Bring them into the home and keep them as cool as possible during your trip.

6. Keep school records handy: If you are moving with kids, be sure to keep copies of school records, vaccines, birth certificates, and anything you might need to register your kids for school.  After a summer move, we know you’ll be very ready for your little ones to return to the classroom!

7. Plan for pets: Be sure to have a cool, comfortable place for Fido to stay while you are moving.  Your best bet is to find a friend or a pet daycare to take your pets for the day.  They will be happy and comfortable, and you will have one less thing to worry about.

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Happy Independence Day from Truckin’ Movers!

July 4thRed and white, blue suede shoes, I’m Uncle Sam, how do you do?  Every year as the Fourth of July rolls around, we here at Truckin’ Movers take a moment from shipping boxes back and forth to doff our hats to this wondrous nation of ours.

Yes, sir.  Yes, ma’m.  We understand.  No matter your political leanings, it’s been quite a year.  But last we checked, we’re still here.  And you’re still here.  And it is still true, in this land of ours, that with love in the dream — and a heavy application of elbow grease — practical, local business solutions to our common needs can be built and sustained.

In 1976 two college friends challenged the Goliaths in the long distance shipping industry because they believed that strangling industry regulations kept quality low and consumer prices artificially high.  After a long struggle, including testifying before the U.S. Congress, Truckin’ prevailed and opened up the shipping industry to small business.  Forty years later Truckin’ still seeks the innovative path, with love of people and planet our profit mediator, and with full faith in local enterprise to build networks that can sustain us.

This Fourth of July we’re hanging those doffed caps on just that very same thing: the power inherent in each of us to create and build the things we need.  Happy Birthday, America.  The future’s here.  We are it.  We are on our own.

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